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Our Mission

Michael O'Brien
A Word From Our Founder...

I founded BetterPsych because I believe that society can do better to deliver effective mental health and substance abuse services. We can improve access, reduce costs, help more people, utilize evidence-based practices, experience better outcomes, and compensate the professionals delivering these services with livable wages. This isn't a fantasy I one day hope to achieve - we are doing this right now at BetterPsych.

We help our clients achieve resilient recovery utilizing the latest technology and evidence-based practices such as Motivational Interviewing (MI), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), and others. We exclusively provide our services via secure video-counseling and telephone sessions so that anyone in any state where we provide services can access the help they need. We have created an interdisciplinary team of specialized clinicians who can effectively address all of our clients' problems with evidence-based solutions. I chose our logo icon to represent that constellation of services centered around our clients.

What is resilient recovery, and why is it important? We endeavor to end the revolving door of mental health and substance abuse treatment. Imagine a group of palm trees enduring a ferocious hurricane. The tall trees bend completely to the ground and often lose many of their fronds. After the storm passes, the trees return to their upright position and thrive again under the tropical sun. The trees have evolved to survive the harshest conditions and continue to thrive. When you help those suffering from mental health and substance abuse problems resolve their issues and teach them the tools and strategies to survive future difficulties, you provide resilient recovery. We work hard to provide resilient recovery in the hope that our clients never need our services again.

Whether you are engaging with us as a client or as a career, my goal is for you to have an exceptional experience from which you achieve your goals.  I hope you'll join us and look forward to working with you!

Michael O'Brien, CADC II, SAP, NCAC I

Founder, CEO, & Counselor

BetterPsych Mission Statement

BetterPsych Inc,. is a comprehensive psychological service and teaching organization that provides best-in-class mental health therapy, psychiatry, and substance abuse counseling for adults and adolescents. We achieve our goals by harnessing the latest technology, utilizing evidence-based practices, partnering with a diverse and talented workforce, compensating our workforce with livable wages and benefits, and advancing our knowledge of mental health and substance use disorders. We endeavor to improve access to effective psychological services while improving client outcomes.