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New Jersey Team

Who's the best fit for you?

Finding a clinician who best fits your individual needs is essential to your well-being. Research indicates that one of the biggest indicators of therapeutic success is the strength of the relationship clients develop with their clinician.

Our team is made up of mental health, substance abuse, and life coaching experts whose knowledge, skills, and experience will provide informed guidance as you explore, define, and progress toward your goals. Each of us has honed our specialties through thoughtfully planned experience as well as extensive and focused education and training. We collaborate across our areas of expertise to offer support that is attuned to your unique needs and priorities. This is our team in New Jersey...

Marcus DeMott LCSW

Marcus DeMott
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Pennsylvania & New Jersey

Marcus DeMott holds a Master's degree in Social Work. He specializes in mental health issues including Autism, Anxiety, Trauma, and more. He has over 15 years and 20,000 hours of experience.  Read more.