Gabriela Gamez
Registered Associate Marriage
and Family Therapist

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Are you experiencing one of the most difficult times in your life? Perhaps you feel discouraged, down, angry, or overwhelmed. Maybe this is due to a frustrating relationship, a major loss, or feelings of guilt about what to do next. I work with individuals, parents, couples, and others who feel they are in impossible situations. They may be dealing with grief, anger, pregnancy issues, infidelity in their relationship, or other challenges. I am experienced in helping people through these difficult moments. I help people better understand what they’re going through, why they’re feeling the way they are, and how to work through it.

I offer treatments based on your goals and what you need. For example, we may focus on mindfulness to interrupt the cycle of worry. I also offer CBT techniques, to help you challenge negative thoughts about yourself. I’m sensitive to your personal and cultural background, and how that can affect your family, values, and relationships. Soy terapeuta bilingüe, trabajo con personas, parejas y familias. Trabajo con depresión, ansiedad, trauma y relaciones.

What if you felt more confidence in yourself, or more positive about your relationship? I can’t make every difficult situation go away; however, I can help you learn how to recognize and use your own strengths and wisdom to take on whatever comes your way. You can feel more peace and hope about the future. Contact me to schedule an appointment to get started.

I earned my master's degree in Counseling Psychology at California State University, Long Beach. As a Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (AMFT), I have completed my master’s degree and am acquiring my hours for full licensure. I provide services through my employer BetterPsych, under the supervisor of a Ph.D. Clinical Supervisor, Dr. Cameron Froude (LMFT 97439). My Associate Registration number is AMFT131165.

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  • AMFT - Registered Associates Marriage and Family Therapist #AMFT131165

Professional Affiliations
  • Member CAMFT - California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists