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Court ordered counseling

Forensic and Court-Ordered Services

Court ordered counseling near me
Fair & Non-Judgemental Court-Ordered Assessments, Counseling, Second-Opinions, and More. 

Have you been ordered by a family or criminal court, the Department of Motor Vehicles, or another agency to undergo an alcohol and drug assessment, evaluation, or counseling sessions? We can help! Our services are accepted by the courts, law enforcement agencies, probation, parole, and other government agencies in every state across the nation.

An alcohol or drug evaluation is often required when a criminal offense has occurred and substance abuse was involved. It may be also required in other legal situations when you have had a history of alcohol or drug abuse. Your attorney may suggest one prior to your court hearings or they may be ordered by a judge to assess the severity of a substance abuse problem and the recommended treatment options. We provide fair and non-judgemental substance abuse services to court-mandated clients at affordable rates to residents of California and Oregon even if the legal situation is out of state. We do a thorough evaluation of all of the circumstances in your life to ensure you receive a fair and accurate report. We will also do a thorough review of all court documents and orders to ensure that you complete the exact requirements that are necessary to fulfill the requirements.


Assessments and evaluations can be critical in completing or fulfilling court obligations or the outcome of your case. It's important to have a fair and impartial clinician who makes sure you are treated fairly during the process. Some clinicians have been known to recommend clients to the required treatment that they provide - this is unethical and unfair to those being evaluated. We never refer or order clients to our own services.


Court cases that often require these type of assessments and/or counseling include:


  • A DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) or DUI (Driving Under the Influence) arrest or charge when a driver was impaired by either alcohol or drugs.

  • A DUI/DWI that occurred outside of the state you live in.

  • Other criminal charges including drug possession, paraphernalia, drunk in public, disorderly conduct, public intoxication, trespassing, domestic violence, and others.

  • Family Court cases that involve custody.


We provide evaluations, assessments, and counseling that meets court requirements. Courts and other government agencies typically require in-person evaluations which may require a visit to one of our local offices (check the team page for your state, by appointment only). After you have completed your assessments or counseling, we will provide you with a court-ready report or proof of completion. The court or other officials will only see the report if you choose to provide it to them. An alcohol or drug test may be required as part of your assessment or counseling and is determined on a case-by-case basis. You will be responsible for lab testing fees if a drug test is required.

Have you have been the victim of an unfair, incompetent, or improperly administered substance abuse evaluation? We can provide a thorough second opinion. We will review all of the information in your report to verify that it was conducted correctly and that documented evidence of a substance abuse or other problem exists. Fees for second opinions are calculated based on the amount of time required to complete the review. 

Fees for Evaluations

Standard Weekday Assessments & Evaluations - $500.00

(Completed 3-4 business days after your interview.

Rush order service fees:

Completion on same business day: $500 additional fee.

Completion next business day: $250.00 additional fee.

Completion in 1-2 business days: $100.00 additional fee.

Weekend services are an additional $150 fee.

No services are provided on holidays. No insurance accepted.

If your assessment requires collateral contacts we charge $125 per hour to conduct them.


Drug testing fees vary by the lab and test you utilize and may not be covered by insurance.


What is the process for receiving a drug and alcohol evaluation?


  • Initial new client registration and paperwork.

  • Email, fax, or mail any necessary documents.

  • Complete two computerized assessments, one takes approximately 15 minutes and the second one approximately 90 minutes.

  • Complete a clinical interview that can last up to 90-minutes.

  • Complete an alcohol and drug test if necessary.

  • Contact and interview collateral contacts if necessary.

  • Receive a secure copy of your report.

Call us today to schedule your assessment or a free consultation on counseling services!

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