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I founded BetterPsych to help those suffering from mental health problems achieve resilient recovery. We are the only company in the mental health field to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our services. We can do this because we employ the best clinicians available in the states we serve. Our group psychological practice provides services in California, Idaho, IndianaNew Jersey, OregonPennsylvania, Washington DC, West Virginia, and Texas. We empower our clients to overcome life's toughest challenges and reach their highest potential with evidence-based practices utilizing the latest technology.


We offer comprehensive aftercare, assessment, coaching, consultation, counseling, interventions, therapy, and group therapy, utilizing the most talented specialists in the industry. We provide most of our services via TeleTherapy to individuals, couples, families, and executives, located anywhere in the states we offer services. Some services may require an in-person visit to one of our local offices.

Don't get "help" - get results! Call us or submit the form below and discover how we can help you achieve resilient recovery. We are accepting new patients NOW in all of the states we serve.

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O'Brien & Associates is now BetterPsych Inc. Learn More.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Who's the right fit for you?  Meet the Team

Dr. Sarah Skoog LPC

Dr. Sarah Skoog
Licensed Professional Counselor
Idaho & Texas

Dr. Sarah Skoog is a Texas Licensed Professional Counselor and Idaho Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor. She has over 8 years of experience. Read more.

Dr. Ingrid Dombrower

Dr. Ingrid Dombrower
Psychiatrist Supervisor

Dr. Ingrid Dombrower is our Psychiatric Clinical Supervisor. She is a Harvard, and USC educated physician with over 15 years of experience treating psychiatric/mental health issues and substance use disorders. She treats adults and adolescents. Read more.

Dr. David Gumpert

Dr. David Gumpert
M.A., Psy.D.
Licensed Psychologist

Dr. David Gumpert is a California Licensed Psychologist. He holds a Doctorate and Master's degree in Clinical Psychology. He specializes in mental health issues. Read more.

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